A hub is the server spawn of VageRealms Network.  It contains 4 gametypes, Creative, Survival+, PvP+, and Arcade. The hub was made by DazTheGamerz himself. 

2015-04-03 17.54.10

The current Hub for VageRealms

Lysseh was pointed to be the best builder but she wasn't online back then at the development of the old server. The old server was deleted by the server provider, it is unknown why is it deleted.

The hub contains 4 colors of the Stained Clay despite on the frames of the hub letters saying ARCADE, CREATIVE, SURVIVAL+, and PVP+.

The current hub has 4 fire torches on the trees. The style was that adding a hopper onto a fence that is not connected aside.

The hub itself is much modern, the bridges' sides are rigged up with four quartz stairs in different ways, upside down, left side and right side, making a square hole in the middle. And on the top of the sides, it has colored carpets on it, the color carpets are placed depending on the color of the stained clay on the letter frames.

Trivia Edit

  • The hub was made in Single Player by Daz. During that time, there was no official internet to access the server.
  • The letters on the stained clay frames will be shown as tutorial video of how to make the alphabets soon.
  • The fire torches on the trees may be very inspiring from the Hypixel server. But even though the base is different.
  • The logos on top of the Letter frames can represent the name of the gametype. Example: sword is PvP+.
  • The logo for Creative was supposed to be a Diamond shovel but Daz says that it's not suitable.
  • Coordinates are unknown because in the Multiverse Plugin, it shows random numbers which makes it around 6 or 7 digits.

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